OpenMP for Computational Scientists

OpenMP for Computational Scientists is an introduction to OpenMP in Fortran, designed by Dr Tom Deakin. It is designed with lecture-style material along with hands on exercises. The material covers the OpenMP 4.5 specification, with a little of 5.x.

Topics covered

  • OpenMP overview: shared memory and parallel do
  • Data sharing clauses and reductions
  • Vectorisation and code optimisaion
  • NUMA and Hybrid MPI+OpenMP
  • OpenMP for GPUs
  • Tasks and Tools

Course materials

Slides and hands on exercises and solutions are available on GitHub under the MIT License.

Video recordings

In 2020, I presented this tutorial at the 3rd OpenMP Users Developer Conference. YouTube recordings are available:

  • Part 1: Multi-core CPUs: Video
  • Part 2: GPUs: Video