Dr Tom Deakin

Lecturer in Advanced Computer Systems, University of Bristol

Dr Tom Deakin is a Lecturer (equiv. Assistant Professor) in Advanced Computer Systems at the University of Bristol. Tom is part of the High Performance Computing Research Group, led by Professor Simon McIntosh-Smith. Tom’s work includes researching the performance portability of massively parallel High Performance simulation codes. He develops both the theory and practice of performance portability, exploring parallel programming languages and designing and evaluating proxy applications. Tom has contributes to a number of open standard programming models, including SYCL, OpenMP, OpenCL and ISO C++. He is the Chair of the Khronos SYCL Working Group, and a is member of the ISO WG21 C++ Standards Committee. Tom completed his PhD in Leveraging Many-Core Technology for Deterministic Neutral Particle Transport at Extreme Scale in 2018, and has since continued working on unstructured mesh transport and performance portability on HPC architectures. In 2012, Tom graduated top of his class from the University of Bristol with first class honours with a MSc in Mathematics and Computer Science, winning the prize for Best graduating student in Computer Science and Mathematics. Tom lectures for Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing at the University of Bristol, and has given tutorials on parallel programming models at international conferences and private courses on OpenCL and OpenMP. His book, co-authored with Tim Mattson (Intel Labs), “Programming Your GPU with OpenMP: Performance Portability for GPUs” was published by MIT Press in November 2023.