Benchmarking and Extending SYCL Hierarchical Parallelism


SYCL is an open-standard, parallel programming model for programming heterogeneous devices from Khronos. It allows single-source programming of diverse attached devices in a cross-platform manner in modern C++. SYCL provides different layers of parallel abstractions, including Same Instruction Multiple Thread (SIMT) kernels, data-parallel loop concurrency and hierarchical parallelism. We discuss Scoped Parallelism as an extension to the existing Hierarchical Parallelism in SYCL, and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of these models from the perspective of the programmer and an implementer of SYCL. In this paper, we compare writing benchmark programs using SIMT kernel, hierarchical parallelism and scoped parallelism paradigms, and present results running on a high-performance CPU and GPU.

2nd Workshop on Hierarchical Parallelism for Exascale Computing